2023 Property Tax Appeals – Tips and Tricks

1:44 pm

Be Clear, Be Concise and Be Kind This seems to be the subject of the Month. We have had so many folks reach out to us about appealing their property taxes and in the meantime we have gone on a mission to learn all we could about what a successful appeal looks like.   There are 3 components to your property tax bill: 1) Assessment Rate from State Statute 2) Tax Rate (Mill Levy) based on Taxing Authorities in your Taxing District 3) Assessor’s Actual Property Value based on Sales in the Study Period: July 1, 2020 – June 30,…

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Real Estate March Madness

3:59 pm

A Busy March If you thought the basketball version of March Madness was Mad hold on to your nets because it clearly bounced into the Real Estate Industry as well. Between Mortgage Rates, CPI, the Fed, lack of inventory and of course bank failures we were all over the place nationally and regionally last month. Active inventory is up, closed homes sales are up, average close price is up and days on market are down (see stats below for exact numbers). All of that speaks to a very active Metro Denver Real Estate market for the month of March. Last…

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Building Your Real Estate Portfolio:

12:39 pm

5 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Rental Property   1) Investing Based on Linear Appreciation People often mistakenly invest in a rental property based on the idea that it will have a linear appreciation or gain in value in the coming years. In our current market we are starting to see more and more investors use this strategy. This is not a good idea. Property values can fluctuate from year to year and often do. An investor may need to unexpectedly sell their property and doing so in bad market can lead to a loss. Instead, investors should always…

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