About Walters & Co.

Who is Walters & Co.?

We are a multi-generational family business focused on the Client Experience, making real estate and real estate investing simple for the many, not just the few. Our business model is based on relational and repeat business with our current clients and everyone they know. Building our business with our current relationships is how we start and end every day.

What Makes us Different?

While Walters & Company began as a traditional real estate brokerage and still is, we also include Real Estate portfolio building and management. In addition to our real estate brokerage, we own a fully staffed Property Management Company and a fully staffed Maintenance company as well. We know this makes us different in many ways, specifically in our layered and expanded knowledge of all aspects of real estate. We bring a comprehensive approach to buying, selling, and investing from all 3 of our companies. This influence grounds the client in the knowledge that they are making sound financial decisions when buying for their families or for their portfolios.

Making the decision to hire a Walters and Co. agent is Easy!

Experience, Strategy, Negotiation, and Creativity are all words that Describe our agents. This coupled with work and business ethic make for a sound Real Estate experience with any Broker at Walters & Co. You can count on out-of-the-box ideas, strong contract writing, and negotiating skills that help navigate any Real Estate market. Mostly we love what we do, we love our clients’ and we love Colorado. We are invested in this community of Coloradans and love opening doors for everyone!