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4 Rental Properties to Avoid Investing In:

1:00 pm

When Building Your Real Estate Portfolio Buying Your Dream Home: When shopping for a rental property, you are shopping for an investment. It’s important to remember that you are not buying the home of your dreams, you are buying a property that will make money for you. Don’t get tricked by unneeded extras while missing on major defects. For example, buying a rental that’s more damaged than it may first appear because you are blinded by a beautiful fireplace or an amazing view from the front window. Long story short, do your best to maintain objectivity throughout the process and…

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Building Your Real Estate Portfolio:

12:39 pm

5 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Rental Property   1) Investing Based on Linear Appreciation People often mistakenly invest in a rental property based on the idea that it will have a linear appreciation or gain in value in the coming years. In our current market we are starting to see more and more investors use this strategy. This is not a good idea. Property values can fluctuate from year to year and often do. An investor may need to unexpectedly sell their property and doing so in bad market can lead to a loss. Instead, investors should always…

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Record Setting December

7:41 pm

  The Good News: We saw median prices appreciate 19.78 %. If you waited a year to buy the same house, the price would have gone from $455K a year ago to $545K today. In the real estate market, time is money- a lot of money. Based on the sustained demand for housing and lack of supply we think folks will see double-digit appreciation again in 2022. Since 1991, the Denver Metro area has appreciated around 7.5% a year. That is a solid number considering it has the housing crisis factored in as well.   Records Set for December and…

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Our New Year’s Resolution: Village Invest

2:36 pm

  This week we would like to share our reason for the season! As many of you may have noticed, each Friday for the past month we have featured a charity on our page, and here’s why! We started Village Invest to ignite and support the idea of micro-giving. As our communities grow larger and larger it often feels like doing a little does not count; “If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing anything for anybody” -Malcom Bane   We believe that even the littlest of efforts from…

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Village Invest: The American Red Cross

6:31 pm

“Our purpose is to meet the immediate disaster-caused needs of individuals, families and communities”   This week many of us are looking forward to spending much needed time off work and time with loved ones at home. However, for those who were struck by the Tornado Outbreak of December 10th and 11th, the holiday season will be looking much different this year. That’s why for our fourth Village Invest Charity we have chosen the American Red Cross, with an emphasis on their Disaster Relief program. When a tornado devastates a city or a town like it did a few weeks…

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