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May Denver Market Update

12:23 pm

  We are at the half- way point and this year the Housing Market will have 2 stories to tell. The first half of the year included never-before seen price appreciation and buyer’s relinquishing most of their contractual rights. What we are now seeing is the beginning of normalization for the Denver Housing Market. DMAR shared that executed purchase contracts have been declining for the last 6 months and are now coming in at the slowest pace in nearly a decade. We are not seeing the effects of higher interest rates totally but expect that to take hold after the…

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The Birds and The Feeds

1:50 pm

Want to attract the best variety of “tenants” to your Bird House? In addition to the kind of feeding you choose to provide, Ground or Feeder, the kind of seed you provide attracts a certain kind of bird. Most ground-feeding birds prefer millet and other seed such as sunflower. Most birds that feed at an elevated feeder prefer a variety of larger sees including oil and striped sunflower, safflower and sunflower chips. Use this Guide to determine which seeds are preferred by specific birds!   OIL SUNFLOWER The Oil Sunflower is the following species favorite seed: Black-capped Chickadee Cassin’s Finch…

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Memorial Day Weekend in Denver!

7:30 pm

Check out the Memorial Day fun in Denver this weekend! Memorial Day Festival: May 28th-30th Come enjoy food, drinks, local vendors and live music on Historic Old Gaylord Street! Bolder Boulder 10k: May 30th Come walk, run or just hang out in Boulder for this famous race! The course winds through Boulder’s neighborhoods, downtown and finishes at Folsom Field! Then stay for one of the biggest Memorial Day Tributes in the country. Territory Days: May 28th-30th Territory Days has been Colorado’s largest street fair. Shop hundreds of unique vendors with handcrafts from around the world! Great good, educational displays, patriotic tributes and live music!  Free admission! Memorial…

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Scam Alert!

4:01 pm

HAVE YOU RECEIVED ONE OF THESE IN THE MAIL?     Have you closed on a new home lately?   If you have, we are sure you have received many notices like the one pictured here. There will also be notices that look like they are coming from your new mortgage company as well. Place all of these in your trash can now! You receive a deed as part of your closing documents no need to pay these people $107.00 or anyone else for that matter! If you have miss placed your deed, call your Real Estate Agent, they should…

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Denver Market Update

4:33 pm

  Thanks again to DMAR for some great insights about our current Real Estate Market. It is indeed changing, and we can mostly point to hikes in interest rates and there are more to come. Andrew Abrams summed up what’s happening best when he said, “A more normalized market is healthy and breeds healthier decision-making. In the chaos of the recent market, buyers had been waiving their inspections, doing full appraisal gaps and even offering to make their earnest money non- refundable before getting an inspection. While those risks paid off in the form of equity, those days have passed,…

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