What Buyer’s Want to See in 2022


In the first months of 2022 Home Buyers have been less choosey than they have been in the past because of the lack of choices (housing supply). We know that as interest rates rise Buyers will be able to afford less and we think that will begin to change their mindset. Moving from buying anything in their price range to being more selective in what they will go and see and buy. The higher the cost of a particular product generally creates a pickier purchaser!


If you are convinced that this Spring 2022 is your time to sell you will want to make sure your product (your home) looks and feels it’s best. Here are some ideas that will help ensure your selling success story.


#1 Outdoor Space is In!

More and more people are working from home and with our 300+ days of sunshine, taking that laptop out to your deck or patio sounds better than the kitchen island. Entertaining has also been moving outdoors over the past decade or so. Take the time to make your outdoor space special with outdoor kitchens, great seating, firepits, lighting and don’t forget the Landscaping.


#2 Laundry Room

Yes, that’s right 50% of all Buyers at the end of 2021 said they want a nice laundry room located on the first floor. This room has been mostly ignored by sellers and buyers for most of my career so to see this come up was a surprise. My advice to you when selling this Spring is to spruce up that laundry room, draw attention to it with shelving, nice paint, and good flooring. Not to mention a nice washer and dryer would not hurt, since getting appliances now is slow going.


#3 Functional Kitchens

This may not sound like a surprise as we all have been told, “that nice kitchens and bathrooms sell homes all by themselves”. The shift from beautiful to functional is here the poll we looked at said 75% of Buyers want functionality! Specifically, they are looking for kitchens with a large or double sink (81%), walk in pantry (81%), table space for eating (78%), central island (77%), and believe it or not 76% want some sort of water filtration system.


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We think if you are choosing Spring 2022 to make some moves, you will find the most success by:

#1 Having your financial house in order

#2 Preparing your home to get the highest and best from Buyers

#3 Being ready for a quick sale


Happy Spring Selling Everyone! If you would like more information about selling or buying in the Metro Denver area please click here to set up a time to chat!