The Many Faces of The Denver Housing Market


As we head closer to the much-anticipated Spring Real Estate Market we are seeing a split view. Our client’s stories vary, on one hand they are seeing homes under 400K selling for less than asking price with lots of contract contingencies. The other hand in the luxury market (above 1 million) experiencing multiple CASH offers with no contract contingencies accepted (The stats say otherwise by the way: Homes under 1 million getting 100% of asking price and homes selling over 1 million getting 99.23% of asking price). In most cases these stats do not support what our active clients are seeing. We know you are getting mixed messages. Our best advice is that you can’t look at the market with a wide lens; you have to drill down to the specifics of each transaction to get a clear picture.

April Stats were Interesting

Active inventory was up, closed homes sales were down, average close price and average median close price were up month over month. Year over year we are down somewhere between 3%-6% in appreciation, a softening that is totally expected with the historical interest rate hikes we have seen this year. In addition, days on market are down big time again. April saw the lowest number of closed homes since 2011. It is also the first time since 2008 that closed home sales dropped from March to April.

April 2023 Housing Market Update

Active Inventory:  4,620 up 2.3%

Closed Sales: 3,701 down 7.91%

Average Close Price: $682,061 up 2.56%

Days On Market: 29 down 21.62% (This is another big drop)

(Stats Reflected here are MoM March to April)

Property Values Across the Denver Metro Area are Way Up

According to a recent Denver Post article written by Aldo Svaldi, homeowners across the state will need to set aside more money to cover their property taxes next year — significantly more money — based on the higher property values that county assessors have calculated and will notify them about early next month. Nine county assessors along the Front Range on Wednesday revealed the median increases in residential properties, which are valued on a two-year cycle in Colorado. The two-year increases are “historic” and “unprecedented” assessors said, ranging from 33% in Denver County to 47% in Douglas County. If you would like to read more of this article click here. To protest your home valuation call or visit your county’s website for directions on how to file your complaint. There are also companies that offer this service for a fee.

The Fed Funds Rate goes Higher

The Federal Reserve raised its fund rate by .25% today. Chairman Powell’s speech included different language than we have heard  since they began their historic hikes. He said, “what we need to focus on are the words maybe and some as opposed to ongoing”. He also repeated that we can count on the Fed doing what they need to do to get inflation down to 2 percent.

What can you Expect for the rest of 2023?

Expect the multifaceted market to continue throughout 2023. Our appreciation outlook is positive because of continuing inventory pressures. We predict you will see a small gain in year over year appreciation by the end of 2023. Mortgage rates will be higher in the short term and may begin to come down by the second half of the year. Thank you all again for supporting our businesses we are grateful.

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Data represents Attached and Detached Homes in the 7-county metro area. 

We would like to thank DMAR, Yahoo and The Denver Post for information and statistics used in crafting this article.