Scam Alert!




Have you closed on a new home lately?


If you have, we are sure you have received many notices like the one pictured here. There will also be notices that look like they are coming from your new mortgage company as well. Place all of these in your trash can now!

You receive a deed as part of your closing documents no need to pay these people $107.00 or anyone else for that matter! If you have miss placed your deed, call your Real Estate Agent, they should have a copy for you.

If you receive little postcards that say they are from your new Lender, you should call your lender and make sure they sent them. In some cases, they are fraudulent, and they are trying to get your personal information. They often ask you to call a 1-800 number and when you do, they begin extracting the information they are looking for. Please remember to call your lender first before giving out any information about your new home or yourself.

At closing, this subject comes up towards the end of the process. It is usually the Closer and your Agent letting you know to ignore these mailings. They are so numerous now we know that some buyers are falling victim to these scams and are embarrassed to let the right people know! Always call/text the professionals that guided you through your transaction first, they are happy to help you avoid this nonsense!


If you have any concerns, never hesitate to Contact Us!