Our Top Ten Thanksgiving Traditions


Every year on the last Thursday of November we all get the day off of work to spend time being thankful and grateful for what we have. This year we decided to share some of our favorite things to do on Thanksgiving! Maybe this year is the year you can start one of these traditions in your family!



Write Thank You Cards

Get in touch with your gratitude by writing thank you cards to loved ones who have touched your life over the past year.


Split The Wishbone

This funny tradition dates all the way back beyond the ancient Romans, stemming from the belief that birds were oracles and predicted the future. So, just in case they were right don’t forget to split the wishbone and make a wish!


Take A Nap

A giant turkey feast has been know to make people pretty sleepy. So why not cuddle up for a little nap on the couch.


Make A Gratitude Jar

For a sentimental activity, make a gratitude jar. Give each guest a sheet of paper and pen and ask them to write down what they’re thankful for. Then collect each piece in the jar and read them aloud during dinner.


Volunteer Together

Lend a helping hand at a soup kitchen or food pantry to help others in need. It can be an important reminder to be grateful for all that we have for you and your family!


Break Out The Old Family Recipes

Switch up your usual Thanksgiving dishing by breaking out old family recipes or having everyone bring something they remember eating as kids!


Watch The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

No matter how old we get, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade never will! It’s a great way to kick off Turkey Day and kids will stay busy and love watching all of the floats go by!


Run the Turkey Trot

If you live in Denver you can sign up for the annual Turkey Trot 5k with your friends and family, hosted in Washington Park!


Donate Food

Try putting together a box of canned goods and non-perishables to donate to your local food pantry. Some cities also have Thanksgiving drives the donate turkeys and other holiday favorites to families in need!

Watch Football

Sit back, relax and turn on the game with loved ones if you’re in the mood for a stress free Thanksgiving Day!