Denver Market Update


Thanks again to DMAR for some great insights about our current Real Estate Market. It is indeed changing, and we can mostly point to hikes in interest rates and there are more to come. Andrew Abrams summed up what’s happening best when he said, “A more normalized market is healthy and breeds healthier decision-making. In the chaos of the recent market, buyers had been waiving their inspections, doing full appraisal gaps and even offering to make their earnest money non- refundable before getting an inspection. While those risks paid off in the form of equity, those days have passed, and we are shifting to a more reasonable market. There will be bidding wars, appraisal gaps and limited inspection items on future properties, but the frequency of those will be less.” Hold on folks there is bound to be more change in the Real Estate Market as we move through Spring and Summer!

Thanks DMAR for the information/stats



Village Invest Charity:

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado


Founded in 1984, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) is the state’s oldest outdoor stewardship nonprofit organization. Our mission is to motivate and enable people to become active stewards of Colorado’s natural resources.

Each year, they engage thousands of people to provide a volunteer workforce for recreation and habitat improvement projects in partnership with land agencies, nonprofits, and community groups. These volunteer projects take place in every corner of Colorado and over the decades, they have grown beyond their projects – and their borders – to help others start and improve their own volunteer stewardship programs and inspire all of us to find our place in caring for the outdoors.

“Our vision is a Colorado where all people connect to nature and care for our outdoor spaces.”

What They Do:

  • Trail construction and maintenance
  • Habitat restoration and invasive species management
  • Tree planting and urban gardening
  • Flood and fire restoration and mitigation
  • Park improvements and historic restoration


How You Can Help:

Projects range in type and difficulty level and volunteers can also help with project photography, camp cooking, tool transport and more! You can also support VOC financially by donating below!


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