Walters and Company Buying Process

Walters and Company will provide the luxury of personalized service and take care of it all, form special market knowledge to negotiating and closing your transaction. 


Steps to Buying a Home

  1. Select a buyer’s agent to represent your interests.
  2. Begin your search for a new home before your existing home is under contract
  3. Discuss your needs. Make sure your agent fully understand what type of home will best suite you.
  4. Learn all you can about the neighborhood you would like to live in.
  5. Become pre-approved with a mortgage lender, as this will make you a more attractive buyer when making an offer
  6. Make an offer by submitting your contract through Walters and Company to the seller for review
  7. Finalize an official contract through Walters and Company
  8. Secure mortgage commitment
  9. Make preliminary moving plans with regard to utilities, insurance, policies, etc.
  10. Final Inspection and Closing 

 All About Your Offer

The written offer you submit to a seller becomes a binding sales contract if the owner accepts. Walters and Company will ensure that your offer is complete and servers your best interest.

Your offer includes:

  • Address and legal description of the property
  • Price your are offering to pay for the property
  • Terms such as “all cash” or “subject to you obtaining a mortgage for a given amount”
  • Anticipated closing date when title will be transferred
  • Earnest money accompanies the offer and cash-at-closing balance required, as will as the form it is in, i.e. check or promissory note.
  • Contract provisions stating which party is responsible for the title insurance, survey, property inspections and similar expenses
  • Type of deed to be conveyed
  • Other requirements specific to your sale. These might include special inspections, tax advise, or occasionally. Attorney review, disclosure of specific environmental hazards, or other specific requirements
  • A provision that the buyer may make a last-minute walk-through inspection of the property just before closing
  • A time limit after which the offer will expire
  • Contingencies that state the sale will only go through if certain conditions are met
  • Common contract contingencies include buyer obtaining specific financing form a lending institution, a satisfactory report by a hoe inspector, and an appraisal for at least the value of the contracted price.